Scholarship Searches

Private foundations, civic organizations and others are a great resources for additional scholarship monies. In our experience, over 90 percent of the outside scholarships received by students, specifically first-year students, are obtained from organizations within their home communities. For this reason, we encourage you to check with your high school guidance office, employer, local civic organizations and religious institutions to see what scholarships are available.

Winning a Scholarship Quick Reference Guide provides practical advice for students on how to win a scholarship. It includes a list of the top twelve tips on winning a scholarship, a list of common scholarship application mistakes, a warning about scholarship scams, and a list of key scholarship resources.

You may also want to perform a scholarship search using a scholarship search database. Competition is often more severe for scholarships identified online, as many are available on a national level. Free Scholarship Search on the Web(FastWeb) allows you to conduct your own scholarship search.

Additional free scholarship searches online:

* PSU does not specifically endorse any of the above resources. Links are provided for student assistance only.